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Quotes: New data available for use in custom quote and proposal templates

All contact, company, and deal data associated with quote objects is now available for developers to pull into their custom quote and proposal templates.

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Hi @JoeMayall any plans to include Custom Objects as well? My scenario in a nutshell:


The business sells refurbished heavy machinery. Every machine is unique, so we can't use Hubspot's Product/Line Item functionality (as products would have to be marked sold and processed in the database in high volume on a real time basis). So we've stored the machines in a custom object, including all relevant information like various measurements, price, year built, etc. as well as images. 


The sales team really wants to be able to include this data in Quotes that they make. 


Hi @JoeMayall I agree with Bob, we have custom objects set up which include address fields that we need to be able to pull through in Quotes. Is this going to be added to the quote functionality?