Quotes - Add Sections w/ Editable Titles and Sub-Totals

We would like the ability to add sections to quotes to break up different product types.  We have main components and sub components that are used with those and would like to break it up.  We also have miscellaneous charges that we would like to add to another section.


We would like the ability to name each section appropriately and also have it come through as a separate sub-total at the bottom (with the same name as described above).


We think many people would benefit from this so we would love to see it happen!

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We would like the ability to edit stock text that is currently not a free text field.  


These Include:

"Products and Services"

"One-Time Subtotal"

"Recurring Subtotal"


This would be beneficial as we don't provide services typically and feel that "One-Time Subtotal" is awkward as all of our quotes are for one time.  Giving users the flexibility to edit these will make for a much better quoting experience.

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Agree. It would be good to see the ability to have recurring product totals shown for multiple lengths of time on multiple quote lines and have the flexibility to show all of or any of the following lines



Line 1: Total Monthly $1000

Line 2: Total Annually $12000

Line 3: Total for Length of Contract (3 years) $36000

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Would it be possible to add a line in quotes to indicate (before the final amount) the total amount (exclusive of VAT) ? 

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Along those lines, we really need the quote total to be separate from the one time cost vs monthly recurring cost. By summing the one month and the upfront cost as the total, at first glance, it is giving the customer the false perception that both need to be paid up front.


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We have now had to explain why the one time and monthly costs are summed to at least 7 prospects in the last 2 months, and none of them currently have signed yet. Even though we break down in the notes that the monthly recurring is separately charged and the one time is charged initially, the client's eyes go first to the sum of both, and that disparity in price from what was originally discussed gives the perception that we have added something extra. This makes me feel that in the conversation where we have to explain the quote, we have lost a bit of trust, and also is delaying signature. 

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I agree. We hope to see more templates or something close to what we can do with excel - calculations, showing 1st payment made, when next payment is due etc.


Thank you.

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Totally agree!