Quote options for customers to select and agree to


I'm a big fan of the quote function taht allows the customer to digitally sign agree to the quote sent, however many of our products have 'optional extras' that a client might wish to purchase. It woudl be great if there was a way to include a tick-box finction so that the customer could shoose which prodcuts they would like to sign up to.

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Hey @Carlin !


So I'll agree with you here in saying that quotes are awesome, we are working towards having the quoutes tool more customisable and we've just released a public BETA: Use custom proposal templates with quotes (BETA), That might be something you would be interested in.


Now there is no mention within the BETA of having the option to toggle on/select additional products from within a quote, but with the templates being opened up in the design manager there is nothing stopping you from custom coding in that functionality?