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Quote expiration date extension

We should be able to extend the expiration date or reactive a quote without having to create a brand new link each time. Our quotes as a rule are only good for 30 days and there are times that on day 32 or 33 the client would like to purchase but I have to recall the quote and edit it before creating a NEW link that I have to send them rather than being on the phone with them and reactivating the quote so they can just print and sign. Why am I not able to reactivate the quote with the same link and a new expiration date?

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Sometimes it just takes a legal team reviewing the agreement and it pushes past the expiration date. By not being able to extend the date and being forced to resend a new link with a new expiration date, their legal team has to review the entire agreement again to ensure no other changes were made. It is slowing us down.


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This feature would help our customers! (: