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The addition of quotes in HubSpot was something I really wanted for quiet a while. However in its current form it's very basic. I propose the following features.

1) ability to hide line item pricing and only give a sub total, tax, total once at the bottom.

2) Ability to attach HubSpot documents to a product. I would use this to attach brochures to each product. Then when I built a quote using those products the brochures would automatically be included as HubSpot document links so that I could view it's interactions.

3) Set a tax level in settings which automatically adds on at the end of the quote. I'm in Australia and we have a flat 10% Goods and Services Tax (GST).

4) A way to hide the margin when creating a quote. Our sales reps would like to be able to take an iPad to a customers house and build the quote in front of them. At the moment they would need to hide it from the customer until the quote is finished. If they could select a Field Quote button instead of Quote button for example when building the quote while in the field and that hid the margin then it would be a much better experience for both our reps and customers.

5) Create terms of sale snippets. Currently the length limitations for snippets stops a terms of sale from being added. Sometimes we have legal reasons for having a lot of text. For example when we need to outline our inclusions and exclusions. It would be nice if we could add them as snippets. Or if we could add them to the company/contact. For example we would have standard terms of sale for all of our builders. Standard terms of sale for all of our different deal types for residential customers etc.

6) Add a quote category to the Select idea category. Or Sales or something that actually links to quotes. I feel like this is going to be a needle in a haystack. How do I know other people haven't had the same ideas and didn't know what to label it with so selected unrelated labels. I know you have products and quotes but if you enter quote or quotes it does not show up. You have to enter products and quotes.

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Agreed! We'd like to be a ble to edit the properties that are on this quote pretty extensively, so that it can accurately reflect our current quoting format. Without certain fields like the customer number which we generate here, there's no sense in using these quotes, as we'll still have to create a second quote which captures all of the information which is relevant to us. 

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I posted a similar idea, and would very much champion the idea.

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We're currently using Google Docs with templates to build our quotes/proposals. We then attach a PDF and email the client. Works but isn't ideal. Very happy that we have Products and Quotes in HubSpot but it is in need of a lot of work. It's just too plain currently. 


It would be very cool if HubSpot could have a document creator with boilerplate sections that could be added/built easily. Maybe the products/quotes could be hacked together to make this happen?


If we created products that were Cover Letter, Welcome Paragraph, Invoicing Schedule, Team, Testimonials, Etc. we could add them to the Quote. It wouldn't be pretty and not used as intended...but...may work until we get an update to Quotes. 

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Thank you!  It would be extremely helpful to include documents for e-signature that include Agreements and NDAs that the user could append using their own company resources and automatically attach to quotes – optionally for e-signature.  After all, a quote means nothing unless you know all the terms that go with it.

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We like the esign feature, but we would like to have some additional fields within the quote that the customer has to fill out before their signature is accepted. For example, we need some information about who will be in charge of installing our equipment, among other things.