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Quote History Tracking

In our business, a prospect takes a while to land. If we have a deal in the pipeline and a quote that's active, it will almost certainly change over time. We might quote 5-8 different times (or more!) before winning. Sometimes product quantities change, sometime products are added or removed, sometimes pricing changes, etc. Sometimes some people in the buying committee might ask for certain options. so we'll present them too.


We need some way to track the changes in different quote rev's so people can understand the history of the prospect - without saving .pdf's separately and/or creating a whole new quote each time. Google Docs allows revisions of documents, restoring old rev's, etc. Perhaps the same kind of idea would be good here for quote versions?

I'm sure I'm not the only one to have this challenge, so it would be a great feature to add!

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Has this been looked at or considered?


Has this idea been taken up?


We find that a Revisions Log like the one we've got for Workflows would be quite useful in Quotes to help keep track Quote updates. 


I second the idea of a Quote Revisions Log.

Cloning and edits are also helpful but would unnecessarily inflate the total number of quotes for the same deal and across a sales team.


We also require a record of revisions as our deals also take time to land and multiply changes are done before quote is accepted.


This is critical to us as we have a fairly long sell cycle and it is quite common for a prospect to change options, configuration, etc, several times during the sales process. There is no way to track the versions of a quote other than downloading a PDF, uploading it as an attachment (OMG, HubSpot attachments are a disaster!), and then creating a new quote. 


This would be very valuable for us as well, please consider doing this!