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My company has recently decided to use Hubspot as our central CRM where we planned to intergrade and move everything over to Hubspot with the idea of eliminating the multiple other application that we were currently having to use. This was causing much confusion and dis organisation between members of the team, as well as waiting valuable time. The function Quotes was something we were egger to use as all our contacts are already in Hubspot and would allow our Sales team to easily Quote customers on products within negotiations. However; we have found that the 'Quotes" feature is quite poor and unusable for the sales team.


This feature is extremely basic and lacks areas required by an established company where genuine and legitimate quotes need to be distributed to customers. Features that were lacking include: Location for customer to insert billing and delivery address, a terms and conditions section and a accept quote button. Ideally it would be great if more customised templates could be uploaded into the feature where sections such as Terms and Conditions are pre filled out so there are no errors made. This is quotes service is completely impractical at the moment due to the fact that my company currently has a lengthy Terms and Conditions and the only way I can have my team access this when they are creating a quote is to have it spread out in 6 individual snippets; which need to be selected in the correct order individually each time a quote is made.

Screen Shot 2019-07-08 at 4.25.18 pm.png

This is only a matter of time before a mistake is made and my company looks unprofessional and potentially could lose a sale. Not to mention that we sell overseas where alternate Terms and Conditions are required. For me to be able to pre template multiple quotes for all occasions, would make the lives of my sales team so much easier. Previously, we have been using Quotient which allows us to access all the desired features above, however this application does not intergrade well with Hubspot hence why we wanted to completely move our quotes over Hubspot. 

At the moment the Quotes feature in a business sense is a basic invoice or packing slip, it’s not necessarily a feature that a sales team can use to seal a deal with a customer. To be fully effective there needs to be more sophisticated options that allows B2C interaction occur professionally. By adding the features listed above; Accept quote button, delivery address, fixed terms and conditions and personalised templates that can be saved, will allow the feature to create a positive experience for sales teams and improve Hubspot usability. 


I believe that many established companies using Hubspot could greatly benefit from this feature being upgraded. 

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I agree, we moved over to Hubspot with idea of using quotes, but then found we couldn't becuase its not customisable enough, and main reason is because we can't add 'Trades' to the quote. There is no way to do a negative amount or negative qty for when the deal includes a trade-in, which happens on 70% of our deals


We really just the ability to specify a custom billing address that is different than the company's mailing address.


This is such a dealbreaker right now. We need standard / adjustable terms and conditions in quotes!


We also have the terms and conditions issue where we've parsed them out into individual snippets.


I've gotten lots of positive feedback that they quotes function is easy to use. I can see this being a great feature if we can add a handful of additional features for tangible goods companies that have to deal with shipping.


@meji53 v. good point! This is something we're also crying out for. 

Really hope they start looking at the quote customisation, it will benefit so many users!


Quotes needs a complete rethink.

There are two many things that are wrong to mention them all:

- not possible to use decimals. Only whole numbers in quantities

- not possible to reorder 

- not possible to edit the layout or wording in the quote

- and many more


Hi, I totally agree.


For our business based in Belgium, it is legally necessary that we can add
- the address of the contact 

- The VAT-number (custom property) if they have a vat number.


- OUR own VAT-number (tax number/BTW-number) of our company (it is currently not showing where our company information is showing)
- The Company BANK-information of OUR OWN company.


- add the legal terms (3 pages long), maybe add them as an attachement file?


- customize the layout of the templates a bit more so that we can have 3 different layouts for our 3 different sides of the company.


- Explicitly state that the price is VAT included or excluded.

(when it's excluded and you ADD the vat, you can see it ofcourse)

But when you don't add 'TAX', than it doesn't say: tax is included in the price. We need that possibility.


TOTALLY AGREED! Much need revamp is necessary. Product properties added to the product information can't be used in the quotes at all. We can't set a different "sold to" and "ship to" address. No ability to add "optional" product easily.


Yes, we too have a sales pro hub and would like to pre-populate templates with certain products and services as takes so much time to recreate from scratch for every quote! An enhancement to this function would be appreciated