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Quote - Custom Discount only for specific month

When users create Quotes, they can set the term of the products. For example a 6 months products with monthly billing frequency.

However, users are not able to set a custom discount for specific months. For example, for the first 3 months, user would be able to set a custom discount of 30% and then it would be 0% discount from the 4th month onwards.

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The current solution is customer would need to create 2 quotes: The first quote for the first 3 months where there is a 30% discount. The second quote for the last 3 months, where there is no custom discount.


It would be a great new feature, if users can set custom discount for specific months in the quote.


~Submitted on behalf of Anders

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Strongly agree! We want to make deals for a one year contract, but give a discount for the first 6 months of that contract.


It would be very helpful to have a 'one-time' discount option when creating recurring quotes & invoices.


For example, when creating an annual invoice of $10,000 a year, we'd like to offer a discount for their first year as a thank you for working with us. But when adding the discount to my quote,  it affects every year and not just the first year. This creates unnecessary work for not just our team to have to remember to follow up with the customer when their pay cycle is up in a year, but also for the customer who will have to fill out another invoice with their payment details.


We could use a workaround by editing in Stripe directly but that's also another manual step to remember, and we want to keep all our invoices in Hubspot for reporting needs.


I also need this, we offer a discount for the first year and I want this to show on the quote and for it to automatically bill rather than using a note on the quote.


Agreed - this is a pain point on our end.


Need this function!


Very much agree! We need this exact use case (Discount applies for X months and then bill reverts to full amount).