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Quote Approval based on % of discounts

Can we have approval processes for the quotes based on the % of total discounts? 


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We ran into this issue as well two weeks ago. We even have a bit more complexity. We want it on the line item level, depending on the discount of a specific product we need to start an approval process or have it approved automatically when the discount percentage is below a certain treshold. 

The discount property is just not available in a quote based workflow. 


Can anyone think of a workaround? Or a 3rd party solution that's affordable? 


We need this too just base approval on discount applied in quote not on all quotes.  Any workarounds?


Yes please!!!


Im all for this also - we need for a notification to be directed at a specific person based upon which part of the deal is discounted. If its under a certain amount it can go to x, if the payment terms are being asked to be amended it goes to Y