Quote Approval - Multiple Approvers

We love the new Quote Approval function, but would like to be able to have more than a single approver.  There are several reasons why:


1) If the approver is out for an extended time, it would be important for them to easily be able to delegate approval to someone else in their absence so we don't end up with delays in our sales process.


2) We would like our quotes to go through an engineering review and approval before going to Sales approval, given the complexity of our solutions.


3) There are certain approvals that may need to trigger CEO approval based on whether we are recommending an aggressive pricing approach to compete on an opportunity.  We would like that option in our workflows.

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We agree - our complex solutions would require multiple approvers from across the organisation so this would be a feature we would love to have.

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I really love HubSpot but can't believe that you can only have a single quote approver.


We're an international company with multiple sales departments across the globe. Relying on a single person to approve quotes for every single salesperson worldwide is such a huge flaw for an otherwise brilliant product.

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This would be very useful to have the ability to have multiple approvers. It would be even better if the approver could be triggered of something specific - a property or a pipeline.


I have multiple departments where having one approver would not work because the departments do not overlap.

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Absolutely agree! Especially with deligation!