Can we make quota values different Month by month?

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Can we make quota showed up in different months reports? currently it only shows in current month/year but you can see it in the next month (which to me looks like a major bug)

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I am shocked that this functionality doesn't already exist. Every mature sales organization that I have worked in, as producer and manager, had budgets that varied by month.  A sophisticated CRM should have this functionality. 

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Yes, we just hired a salesperson and her quotas are ramping over the course of the first year.  To have one flat monthly quota makes it look like she's underperforming up front and overperforming later.


Please add the feature to create unique monthly quotas by user.

HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team
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Hi @SpitfrieInbound - this is something we now support. Please see the following post for more details: https://community.hubspot.com/t5/HubSpot-Ideas/Unique-Quota-for-Sales-Staff/idc-p/206016/highlight/t...


I think this is a great idea can we get more upvotes here please.   


It shoudl not just be available on the enterprise plan - how will companies grow to be enterprise level if they can't set any growth by changing quotas/sales goals each month or quarter?!  Plus even a small business has seasonal trends to allow for. 


We were on Base adn then Zendesk adn both these platforms has monthy goals that were changable and coudl be differeent. 



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@sjudson This has only been partially delivered as month by month is only available on enterprise. Can you please reopen this with a request to make it available on Professional? Enterprise is >2.5x the price for a piece of basic functionality.


Yes even small bsuinesses need to allow for seasonality.  Also without ability to grow targets each month how will companies grow to your enterprise plan!