Quickbooks integration: Problems with properties


We are using hubspots quickbooks integration, but are running into a couple of issues when trying to run reports on the data that comes back into hubspot.


Issue 1: Partial payments - there is no way to see how much of the invoice was actually paid. We have the "invoice billed amount" property but that doesnt tell us how much was paid, and how much is still outstanding. With the "Paid in full" invoice status, we can imply that the full billed amount has been paid, but with partial payments we have no way of knowing how much has been paid, which is throwing a wrench into our reporting on hubspot.


Issue 2: Multiple invoices - if there is multiple invoices on one deal, for instance if a customer requested a product upgrade after the first invoice was already paid, only the most recent invoice is reflected in the invoice properties. For some properties this is an understandable limitation, like invoice status for example, however for "invoice amount billed" it would be ideal if the numbers were combined.


We would like if the invoice properties were changed as follows:


Rename existing properties for clarity:

e.g. Invoice status  -> Most recent invoice status


Add new properties for better reporting:
Invoice(s) total amount billed: would reflect the combined amount billed of all attached invoices
Invoice(s) total amount paid: would reflect the combined amount paid of all attached invoices
Invoice(s) total amount outstanding: would relcect the combined amount outstanding of all attached invoices.

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Adding to this, as it sits, only reporting the status of the most recently attached invoice to a Deal is incredibly misleading when using this for AR purposes.


For Deals that have mulitple invoices attached to them, only reporting on the most recently added invoice can report Fully Paid, when in fact there are a whole slew of Overdue invoices. How does the system determine which invoice was the last added when adding them in bulk? This seems like a severe oversight on the use-case of this feature.


There should be a Deal property that reports on a hierarchy to Invoice Status when multiple invoices are attached to deals: Overdue > Waiting to be Sent > Partially Paid > Fully Paid


I totally agree with @JH.


Also, I find it pretty confusing that Quickbooks and Hubspot don't use the same status. For example, my invoices show "Fully paid" in the right banner but when I want to use them in a workflow I noticed that I have to use "Paid in full" so Hubspot can find it. I suppose the same happens with all the different possible status.


It would be great to have documentation showing what to call for Hubspot to be able to track it and also if all status are recognized by Hubspot since all my "Sent to customer" status aren't triggering anything.






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As a support speciliast, it would be ideal to have this capability available for customers. I say this because most businesses will have more than one invoice per deal. Creating a new deal per new invoice can get messy. Thank you! 🙂