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Quick sending in sequences

Salespeople see the value of personalization, but may not have the time or data to truly personalize. Quick sending in sequences enables sequences users to personalize sales outreach at scale.
This functionality enables users to select a group of contacts, and quick personalize and send sequences to those contacts. 
Quick sending is a playlist or task-queue like sending experience for sequences paired closely with email recommendations.  Here is a peek at how it works:
Quick Sending.gif
If you're interested in getting early access, please fill out this form. We'll be slowly granting access as we work out the kinks and implement feedback. 
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HubSpot Product Team

Hi There, this looks like a good function but my issue is I send emails to people based on the company they work for. That email tends to stay the same for each company but the name of the contact I'm sending it to changes. In order to know where I am up to when I send out an email I go via which comanies I have completed so sending personalised group or sequence emails to people based on name wouldn't work (it would be really confusing and hard to know who had already been emailed as there is no seperate log of this unless you go in and view a persons details). On one of the threads a colleague of yours mentioned mass emailing is possible on the marketing hub but I am a pro user and the only email option I can see has to be linked to our website- again I'm in a specialised B2B sector and we don't get leads directly from the website often enough for this function to be useful (there seems to be an odd seperation as to what hubspot deems as sales or marketing). Litterally the main thing I need to do (and I think lots of people feel the same) is be able to click on a company- email everyone from that company and have hubspot alter the send to name based on the stored email address so that I don't have to do each email individually just to add a name. Hope that makes sense! I'm sure there will be lots of people who will be able to use the new sequencing feature but it doesn't really meet the key requirement in the last thread. If (as suggested by hubspot) this feature does exist but is elsewhere this probably needs to be made clear- I'm the only person in my company that uses this platform, it's expensive and at the moment its also testing my patience a bit. If this existing sales tool is something I'd have to pay extra for I'd be cancelling my hubspot account which would be a shame. Thank you.  


Hello there.

This is a nice feature, but it doesn't allow for example, to automatically enroll all contacts from a Facebook Lead Ads into a sequence. You still need to go and manually select each contact you want to enroll, kinda manual for the leader marketing automation platform don't you think?


Let's take an example: I have lead campaing on Facebook I want every lead to be a contact automatically on Hubspot and to automatically enroll in a sequence. Why I want this? Because my campaigns drives a lot of leads, hundreds or thousends of them every month. Should I select every contact to enroll it into a sequence? Come on pleople, you can do it better. Even with zapier you can automatically add every lead from a campaign into Hubspot, but we need Hubspot to add the functionality to automatically enroll a contact in a sequence just with one click or field. It's pretty good the way you enroll a contact into a sequence if you are in gmail, but can be better also. Fewer clicks for the users to do things, better conv. rate and more client satisfaction.


If you need any help, just ask.


Regards in the name of all Five! Media Lab team.


I really like this idea, and would love to try it out.




I have the ability to quick send a contact to a sequence. I have a couple questions/suggestions I feel would bring a lot of efficiencies to the great product/idea.


  1. Is there a way to filter other fields other than name? ie import date, Filter Name, list etc
  2. Via the list within contacts, it only allows to mass enroll 25 contacts at a time. Can this be increased?
  3. The 25 that are mass selected to enroll in a sequence, it makes us click on Enroll for ever contact. Can we simpy enroll all 25? ideally all contacts in a list we create even more than 150.

I appreciate your efforts and dedication. Thank you.


HubSpot Product Team

This feautre has been delivered with Sequence Queues. More information on this tool can be found here.