Quick record timeline that you can quickly jump to points in the record timeline

Wouldn't the contact record timeline be great if you could see an at a glance (at the top) when a contact has been touched. Almost like a scrubable timeline heatmap showing dots where they were touched. It'd help you see at a glance how often the whole team has been talking to the contact.


I imagine dots icons that let you see calls, sales emails, marketing emails (different dots for open, click and not opened), social media clicks, page views, form submissions, etc. Similar to Gong's deal view:



This would also allow you to jump to the beginning of a contact life easily.


Here's a rough mock-up:

Hubspot Timeline (1).png

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Sales reps, managers, AMs, etc absolutely need a "bird's eye view" like this. Thanks for adding, Will!

cduffy Regular Contributor | Diamond Partner | Certified Trainer
Regular Contributor | Diamond Partner | Certified Trainer

This would be so stinking awesome!! Great idea Will!

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This would be so so good! Quick, easy to understand overview for KPIs, as well as presenting in meetings. Efficiency at its finest! 

StephanieB Regular Contributor | Diamond Partner
Regular Contributor | Diamond Partner

YES please this would be a total game changer and save so much time!