Quick Access shortcut to create contact / company


Along the toolbar in CRM it would be useful to have a quick access shortcut option to create a company or contact rather than having to go into the contacts or company list. Only a small icon would suffice along the toolbar.

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even a keyboard command would be fine  ex: ctrl-C


We would find it useful if there was a way to create a shortcut to a form, on either the contact record, customer record or anywhere else really. (We have a form we are using internally and it would be nice to have it easily accessible and right in our faces so we dont forget to use it ). not only for forms, but it would be nice to be able to create shortcuts for other things as well!


Totally agree. Would be great to create a "Quick access toolbar" like you can do it in Microsoft Office (Powerpoint, Excel) -> would increase efficiency of my team a lot! 


An icon or orange button in the top would be perfect. Completely agree. Always seen. Always available.