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Queued Delay in Workflows (or Webhooks)

Something that would be useful for some custom integration would be a way to enqueue Webhooks sent from HubSpot. 


My problem: I enroll 3k contacts in a workflow that sends a Webhook. Then I get the webhook listener overwhelmed because everything is sent at once. 
I wish there was a way to set a minimum interval between the webhooks HubSpot sends. Then I'd be able to enroll 3k contacts, but the webhooks would be sent 1 per second, for example.


There is an automatic Delay, but the first attempt must get a timeout for it to happen. I'd the like the freedom do set this up =]

I understand this would not be a priority, but here is an idea. If you need it, upvote it!


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We also have this problem where we have 60k objects that need to be enrolled in a Workflow that communicates to an API with a 5 request per second limit.


Would love to see this implemented!