Quarterly goals in reports/dashboards

It's possible to set a monthly goal and use that to display a goal line in reports. But we only set quarterly goals and for our quarterly reports, we want to show those instead. It doens't always makes sense to divide by 3.

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We would love this as well!

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Want this!!

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Yes, please! I can't believe there is only the option of monthly goals!

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Yes, need to be able to set quarterly goals.    If Hubspot is serious going after Enterprise sales teams with strategic sales cycles (3-6 months or longer), then this is a MUST!

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agree with everyone this. 


Being able to give a sales team the visibility to see where they stand in terms of their goal set. 
- both in revenue production and activity. 


Example: revenue goal is $5,000 MRR. Rep is currenlty at $3,500 MRR. Their goal attainment is at 70%
- same or activity. If the rep needs to be at a daily call count of 70 calls, but he/she is only at 50, they need to be able to see on their dashboard that they are only hitting a 72% daily call goal. 

- It would allow management to coach the team based on these numbers, rather than having to pull the numbers from Hubspot and do the planning on a separate spreadsheet. 


The current way to "track" goals in hubspot is poor. Aside from setting the goal for the team / Individual, there is nothing to do with it from there.