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QUOTES - Quote Status, Invoice Status and Creating Invoices from Quotes

QUOTES - feature requests


Request the following features


1. Quote status - request ability to mark and check status for quotes as "accepted", "pending" or "not accepted"

2. Invoice status - request ability to see on Quote summary page, also the status of invoices and whether they have been drafted, approved, and issued.  V's having to go into deal by deal to check status. Delivers one view for quote + invoice, saving time and making sure teams do not forget to invoice customers. 

3. Creating invoices from quotes - creating invoices directly from quotes page or quotes, instead of having to go back into deals.  Saves significant time for all sales and admin for one click from the quotes page.  


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Yes please!


I don't use the Quotes function, but we definitely need a single place to view all invoices and their status (sent, paid, unpaid, etc). I don't even know how to change the existing status of an invoice - all of mine say "Waiting to be Sent."




Hey Hubspot, product managers, moderators, any update here? 


Great idea - fully support 🙂


I think there is a major design flaw with the quote and payment integration. HubSpot tried to take a short cut by avoiding the development of an invoicing system but they ended up with a solution that seem to confuse users. 

A quote is typically accepted by the issuance of a Purchase Order ahead of providing a service. Then the vendor issues an invoice for the fraction of the service of that have been provided (partial shipment, hours dedicated to a project). The invoice is paid by the client net 30 days or whatever terms have been agreed. 


I cannot remember a single example of a quote from any vendor that I used that included a payment link or used payment as a way to accept a quote. 


Many businesses do not use quote. For example, HubSpot does not send its users a quote.

Some business need to issue an invoice to their users in order to be paid. 

In other threads people have suggested changing the name of quotes into invoices but that's not a great solution because invoices don't have an expiration date. Also invoices typically have information that you cannot fit in the quotes. 


Long story short, I think that HS should allow us to send invoices just like it allows us to send quotes. And it seems that the payment integration with quote would fit better with the invoices than it fits with the quote module. 


Yes please!