Push marketing lists to ad networks

It would be great to push lists to ad networks like Facebook ads and Google Adwords. 

Adding this to workflows would be even more interesting. 

Let's say people who didn't open an email will be shown Facebook ads.

Some marketing automation tools do this already.

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Hey @AndrewTheGuy could you please list some examples of tools that already do this? This would be super helpful - thanks!Edit Idea

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Hey @roisinkirby


Tealium (stand alone) does this, also Salesforce Marketing Cloud has the AdStudio that does this. Marketo can do it as well. 


Let me know if I can help in any way. 



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I'm very interested to have this as a feature as well! Really steps up the targeting-game and it would be a reason to actually buy the Ads add-on.

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This is actually doable without Hubspot adding new features. You can use the Hubspot API + Facebook API to do the merge of lists.

Some tools such as AdWaffle (https://adwaffle.com) enable to do that out of the box (also can be used to create Value-Based Lookalike Audiences based on the Hubpsot Lead Score of each contact, which is pretty cool)

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Hi all - 

The Ads Add-on currently has functionality to sync contact lists from HubSpot to Facebook and (currently in beta) Google.

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Syncing HubSpot lists to audiences in Facebook and Google is supported.

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I guess that's only available for the Ads add-on?

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Hi @frankschouten - that's correct. We're working on bringing some audience creation / syncing functionality into the core Marketing Hub over the next several months, but the add-on will continue to have more advanced audiences and a higher number of simultaneously syncing audiences. 

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Thanks for the answer!

And, I'll just throw it out there, what about LinkedIn? Will it come back?