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Push Task Queues from Sequences to Multiple Users

A large portion of our sales team uses the same sets of sequences. In an effort to prioritize and organize the different campaigns and sequence tasks, we have built task queues.


To this point, there is no way to assign tasks to queues for multiple users, you may only set them for individual users. The problem being, we have had to clone each sequence for each individual user, then had to build task queues accordingly for each user. 


If there was a way, from the sequence task queue assignment, to push the tasks out to multiple users' tasks queues, rather than individual users task queues, that would greatly simplify the organizational process for sequence generated tasks and their completion.

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The broader issue is that sales pro lacks the ability for admins to create default task queues. Currently task queues are defined per user by the actual user.


ALSO need this accessible via the Engagements api as well. We want to be able to assign tasks to queues when creating tasks via the api.




So it sounds like we can't assign tasks to queues?


+1 on programmatically adding tasks to queues via API. It's been requested since 2017 at least...

HubSpot Product Team

Hi HubSpot Community,


I am pleased to announce that Shared Task Queues are now live to all Sales and Service Professional & Enterprise users.


With Sales or Service Professional or higher, you can now create and share task queues right from the tasks app in your HubSpot account. You can then use workflows or sequences to create tasks automatically and assign those tasks to shared queues. Learn more about how shared queues work.


Thank you,



Hey Scott,


The shared tasks queues are great. We use them with no ownership so the entire team can work the queue. When multiple people are working the same queue at the same time it is possible to have people working the same lead and double call. Just like with any power dialer it would be great if at the top where you press complete you also had an accept button.