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Pull hubDB data into emails

As noted here: ... HubDB is available to all HubSpot customers with the CMS add-on and currently cannot be used to personalize HubSpot marketing emails.

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It would be nice to have this functionality! 😄


My use case: I'm creating an internal newsletter which features our latest Press Articles, which are kept in the hubDB for display on our site. I'd like to be able to drag/drop a module into the email so we don't have to manually include all the info logo,title,link,social share links...


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HubSpot Product Team

Thanks for reaching out @jcpux! I definitely agree with you here, being able to access HubDB in email would be a huge win. This is something that we're actively working towards but unfortunately there's a non-trivial amount of work that's going into this so we don't yet know exactly when it'll be possible but rest assured we're working on it.


That's good feature I wanted!


I started using hubDB.

I will be able to insert  up-comming seminar info and 

 personalised customer case with this feature.


Hi, any update on this? @Shay 

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@Shay Is there an update available?


@Shay Is there any update on this feature. It will be a great help. 

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Is there any update on this feature? It would be nice to have this. @Shay 

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any updates?

HubSpot Product Team

Hi @jcpux,

Thank you and the other contributors to sharing your thoughts here. We recently rleased a new feature called Programmable Email, this feature enables customers to create custom modules in design manager that allow associations with standard objects as well as data sources like Custom Objects and HubDB to create more personalised email content. You can read the knowledgebase article HERE.


This also give access for Marketing Hub Enterprise portals to HubDB. While it is in active rollout you can request access to the Beta through our support team.


Best wishes,


Shane Janssens