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Pull data from cells in Google Sheets and map onto properties

In some cases, recording data in Sheets (or excel) is just more convenient and relevant than using Hubspot. It's easier to do calculations, or quickly track activities for a door to door sales team (our use case).


But there are a lot of things Hubspot can do that Sheets can't (easily, like automations, recording valuable date information, operating as an CRM). 


It would be incredibly useful to be able to directly pull information (without coding or an API) from Google Sheets (on the cell level) and either update records or generate records with the relevant information.

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this is an idea i've encountered as well coz right now we use google sheets for prices of products for easy access of agents.. i thought we can sync products from goog sheets to hubspot but not the case.... you can only do hubspot to gog sheets.. it might be useful if they can sync it goog sheets to hubspot so that we don't upload more files instead just sync it and pull records from it from hubspot...