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Provide universal source filters in reports and dashboards

As was done with date filtering this year, we desperately need universal source filtering in reports. I should be able to filter a report on any source—blogs, landing pages, URL Start—on any report and as a dashboard filter. Any source, any page-based report, any dashboard.


For example: "Session bounce rate, average duration, and page view totals by source" is a very simple, useful report but the only filter options are Analytics View and Device Type. Why not Blog? Why not URL Begins? And since Analytics View inconceivably only includes data from when you created the view (it's not like you don't have the page data already) it's not always valuable.


Please make source filtering universal.

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Colaborador(a) | Parceiro Elite

Totally agree! Currently, we have to clone a dashboard and then manually edit each report module with an Original Source filter. Repeating this across all channels is very time-intensive, especially when it feels like a single filter at the dashboard level would do the job so easily. 


Yes, since we have 2 separate Shopify stores (retail vs wholesale store) we could really use a way to view any dashboard by different store source, not just by configuring the dashboard modules. This would make it much easier to view an e-commerce dashboard between the two.