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Provide the analytics to Sales templates that Marketing templates have

When you click on a marketing email from the list view, you can see not only the performance of the email overall, but which actions were taken by specific recipients in the funnel. This is not available for sales emails, and you can only see the actions taken by contacts within their contact card, and not in a list view. 

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Great idea! I would like this as well.


I've just been speaking with support about the same thing - I can't believe it isn't possible to view a list of contacts who have been sent a specific sales email template (without it being in a sequence) and drill down on those that have opened and clicked on these emails to follow up accordingly. It seems to be a massive oversight!


I completely agree!  when trying to determine the success of Sales outreach, having some data to analyze is key.  We need access to the same kind of data we are provided on marketing emails.  Breakdown of titles, industries, a list of who was sent the email.  We should also be able to add these templates into a campaign such as a Sales Outreach campaign. 

These are often very different activities than marketing run campaigns as they are based on activities Sales reps are taking.  We need to be able to evaluate these and identify successful trends so that we can promote the success of these activities in order to generate more sales.   

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I agree, this would be a great addition to our analytics.

Something else I would like to request to the Product  team, is the ability to see in the template dashboard how many recipients were sent a specific template and to further drill down, by clicking in the number, to see a list of recipients names.


This would be a massive help to our sales team as well. We try to do our best to change the lead status of each contact when we send a specific email template. But not everybody remembers to do it every single time.

Having a way to go back and see who has been sent that template so that we can make sure that they are in the correct status would be incredibly valuable for us.  I was honestly shocked when I discovered that this was not already in place. It should be a very easy and quick fix since marketing emails have this capability already.