Provide more info in chat about device type, location, browser type, source, etc.


Having the ability to see

  • breadcrumb trail of viewed pages in this and previous sessions
  • IP Geo location
  • device type - mobile, tablet, desktop
  • browser type  
  • referral source / organic / ppc, social etc 

Are a few great ways to help the chat rep have a much better understanding of the current visitor so they can better provide quicker help.  For example, if you know certain parts of your site may not be ideal on mobile and the person is having an issue... or if they are asking for a price... by seeing this other info you can have a pretty good idea of what product they were looking at and hoping to find pricing on. 


Also as the user continues to click around the site, insert that URL in the chat timeline so you can know where they are continuing to click around to as you talk with them. 


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Yes! We esp. need to know how many chat session occur from Mobile devices versus desktop.

HubSpot Employee

Hi guys, upvoting this on behalf of my customer! He'd like to see his browsing habits of website visitors, e.g. whether they're using mobile or desktop. This would help him to decide as well whether to hide the chat widget on mobile devices, since the screen size is already quite small on mobile. 


This would be very helpful for our team in troubleshooting quickly



We absolutely need this! We were using LiveChat before we moved to HubSpot, but frankly the LiveChat system works so much better, providing plenty of information about where the user is from, how many times they have visited the site, their previous conversations etc. Even being able to tell if the user is still online or if they've left the website would be helpful.