Provide detailed reporting capability for Conversations

We need a means to report purely on the volume of Conversations generated through different shared email Inboxes - before any Tickets are generated.
We currently receive many (irrelevant) types of email into our Inboxes, so we don't yet want to auto-generate Tickets (to avoid having Tickets that aren't relevant).
So as well as reporting on actual Tickets, we'd like to report the volume of incoming Conversations to different email Inboxes by email, who handled the Conversation and how long it took to close it. This way we can also compare how many of the Conversations actually resulted in a real Ticket. We would like to demonstrate the work volume that our team members have to attend to, sift through and filter into 'proper' Tickets. 
Hope that makes sense. Happy to flesh out the requirement if you'd like me to provide more info 😃
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Hi @vanessahunt ,


Thank you for sharing this in the Community.

Are you looking for a help from other Community members or did you want to share this as a product feedback? If it's latter, I can bring this content to the Ideas Forum. Let me know:)

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Oops sorry - yes I meant to log it as an Idea. Please move it if that's possible. Thanks @natsumimori 😀

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Sure, will do so!

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Great - thanks so much @natsumimori 😁