Provide ability to modify "Activity Assigned To" property

This feature is for sales reps receiving phone calls via the PhoneWagon integration with Hubspot, where the incoming calls are automatically logged in Hubspot.


The goal is for sales reps who take incoming calls to receive credit for it in productivity reports, and so that managers have accurate reporting data on call volume among reps.


As it stands now, the incoming call activity gets logged as having "No Owner."


We need a mechanism to reassign the activity to the rep who actually took the call.


Since PhoneWagon is unlikely to be able to tell which Hubspot user took the phone calll, we need to be able to assign the correct activity owner after the call.




The ability to change the owner of other objects such as contacts and deals is already available in Hubspot. It would be helpful to have that ability for activities such as logged calls as well.


Thank you.

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Whilst we aren't looking for exactly the same thing, we also require the ability to modify the "activity assigned to" property