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Provide Marketing-specific Email Management mobile app (like Mailchimp)

I have a HubSpot client who's used to the facility with which you can resend unopened emails using the Mailchimp mobile app. Unfortunately this isn't something we can do in one click with HubSpot at present (especially for Marketing Starter clients).


Whilst the HubSpot mobile app is great for sales users managing their pipeline, it doesn't include a great amount of functionality for our Marketers. Of course, many tasks are easier on a desktop, but for resends/last-minute campaigns, it would be amazing to have a (potentially dedicated) Marketing app to manage those extra-personalised communications where you'd just like to send one or two nudges to key contacts from your initial campaign (GDPR-permitting etc).


Here are some examples of things you can do with the Mailchimp Mobile App e.g. Resend Unopened Emails with the Mobile App >>


With many 'new' HubSpot users coming to HubSpot from Email Platforms like Mailchimp, it's essential to provide comparable functionality in these types of areas - for clients using the Marketing Starter product at least. 

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Completely agree - as a paid corporate user of both Sales and Marketing platforms, I expect the mobile app to offer similar functionality as the desktop, such as ability to review and edit social media posts, review and edit if needed upcoming email campaigns, etc.  To not offer ANY mobile support for the marketing app is not okay as I think we pay something like $12k/yr to use it.