Provide API endpoint to merge companies


There is currently no API for merging companies. It would be very useful if this were provided.

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We would very much appreciate this feature, as well. This would allow keeping two company databases in synch, HubSpot and a secondary company database, so that scenarios such as merge in the other database would be supported,

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We have a custom integration that connects one of our client's proprietary CRM to hubspot CRM.  Because their CRM contains original company records that get synced into HubSpot, the record that HubSpot automatically creates based on a contact's email domain is a duplicate record with some different data.  We need a way to merge those two records at a large scale and without a merge option in the company API, there's no way to do it.


Agreed, this would be useful. Available via UI, so why not API?

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Upvoting this on behalf of a customer! it would be highly desirable feature to have deduplication on some company property, if not for company domain name. Having to do it manually means that users would have make many more API calls to check if a company with a certain domain name exists in HubSpot first > if not, then create a new company record with that domain name.