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Prospects list has Customers on it and this should not be

On my Prospects list there are several organizations listed that are already Customers. Hubspot Support said this is because of a company getting new IPs. I realize that companies change internet providers or buy new IP sets and this would create a disconnect. However, I think the Prospect list should automatically look for a Domain within the existing Company records. If a Domain is found and the Lifecycle of the Company record is "Customer", then the Prospect record should not be there. 


Right now the fix is to manually work the Prospect list and "Hide" any organizations that should not be there. I would like to ask for a few more automagic checks and balances to be included in this resource to make it more viable. Thank you!


I am experienceing the same issue.  Quite frustrating when we are trying to track new prospects and we see client data mixed in.