Prorated Round Robin

What happens when someone of the team works more hours than another one? I have that case, one works part time and the other works full time. 


Hubspot doenst let me put some percentege that assign deals to my salers. An example ir that the one that works full time, should receive 70% of the deals and the other one the 30%. 


If someone has done something similar, Tell me!  

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This would be a huge feature for us.  We have reps that spend only 20% of their time selling, so we need to be able to circulate 20% of the leads.  For example, they get a lead on the first round robin, but then sit out the next four round robins.  

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I need this too! I mainly manage the team and have other projects on the go, but would like to have a small % of deals assigned to me. I'd like to be able to give a larger % split to the full time sales reps and a smaller % to myself.

This would be sooo helpful!