Property settings - Records customization


When customizing a record it would be useful to have more options if we decide to make a section conditional. At the moment there are Lifecycle stage and Lead status. Overall, it would be useful to have more properties to choose from, but having one custom property for conditional sections would make the records customization much more versatile for us.



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Completely agree. This feature is so useful, but two options that are available aren't the properties that are appropriate to apply the condition to. We should have the option to select any property.


100% agree!  Why we don't have access to all properties with predefined values as options for conditional sections is ridiculous... Hubspot FIX THIS!

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Agreed this would be really useful - similar to on deal level being able to base it on more than just deal stage, pipeline or team (not discrediting how useful all that is of of course!) - if certain key deal dropdown properties were given, we could customise the view based on deal type / region and so on for extra granularity and relevance