Property level user permissions (different access to field for manager and standard user)

We need to have permission for some properties to vary depending on the user. Currently available in Hubspot is object level permission (i.e. for each user, define what he can do with all properties of contacts, deals or companies, etc.). We need property level permission (i.e. for each user, define what he can do for each property on contact, deals or companies, etc.)


Use case 1: some contact properties affect how the commission of deals belonging to those contact will be computed. Only users with specific privileges (e.g. managers) should be able to edit the property defining this. Without this available, we are at risk that a sales rep edits this field to increase its commission.


Use case 2: one contact property defines the expected deal value of a deal if one is ever closed. This affects the priority of the contacts. This value is computed outside of Hubspot by analysts and is then mass-uploaded. Hubspot users have no need to be able to edit this value. The same way some properties can only be edited by Hubspot, we need some properties to only be edited by admin / special users.


Note @ Hubspot: 

- Users will need to be grouped, probably in teams. Then permission will be given to a team

- Properties may or may not be grouped into groups having the same permissions.

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I would also like to cite the need for more granular control of permissions for individual properties.


For instance, I would like to allow users to assign unassigned contacts/companies to themselves, but not to other people. Inadvertently doing so can screw up multiple people as now some users end up with contacts they don't know what they were supposed to be doing with, and the original owner/claimmant cannot access the account since we don't want them to be able to edit each others' accounts.


Also, making certain properties view-only, rather than just broad categories, would be helpful, as I currently need to allow editing to the whole module to permit any editing at all, while there are several fields that should not be edited.


Allowing field-specific permissions would be very helpful so as to not be forced to give users enough rope to hang themselves with.

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I would also like to add that some of the properties we have been updated through an API from our own database. These properties we would like not to be editable by the users.



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We would like to have this option as well to set viewing permissions on specific property fields in Hubspot.

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With a growing sales team, it's a real challenge to make sure all of the information in the CRM is kept clean and no modifications to essential data happens. It would be great if you can add this feature so we can provide permissions per property or at least disable certain actions like "Deleting Deals"...

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Agreed. We need this option due to prevent reps from updating properties that should be preserved month-over-month and updated only through API updates. 

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I absolutely agree with this idea. Being able to fine-tune (editing) permission right at a property level is very important for large companies with severyl HS Users. Would love to see this implemented soon!