Property Type: HubSpot Contact

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When creating deal properties for our new pipeline, our Sales Manager asked to create properties for:
  • Single Point of Contact for CS
  • Single Point of Contact for Invoicing

Decision Maker

These properties would make it very easy for CS and Credits & Collection to know who they should be in touch with. Ideally, the type of these deal properties would be a Contact within HubSpot — like you have the HubSpot user type - but then for contacts. This would make things a lot easier & reduce confusion. 

My workaround, for now, is: using a single-line text where our salespeople fill in the email address the HubSpot contact was created with. Not error-proof and a few seconds extra work, unfortunately. 

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@Charlotte_th Hope you don't mind, I created an idea that is a bit more generic and I think has more chances to get upvoted.