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Recently, our team upgraded to an enterprise level of HubSpot, so we are conducting an overhaul of some of the properties to determine what we could improve use of via calculations. One of the things I wanted to look at to help determine this, and help clean up our back end a little bit, was to look at our data quality and see what is currently not being used and help determine if we need it or if we can delete it.  Unfortunately though, I am unable to export this information, which means having to go and search one by one each property.  I think that this would be helpful for other users as well to help clean up and improve the quality of data in each CRM so as to best optimize with the creation and use of contact and company personas.

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Yes please! 

HubSpot Product Team

Hey @katiebroyles -- appreciate you submitting this idea! Currently we provide you with property insights within the Data Quality Command Center that show you the properties in your portal and information on how these properties are used, whether or not there are duplicates, etc. More information can be found here.


I'm curious if this provides you with the infromation you need to clean up your data, or if there's still something missing that a full export would assist with. This isn't currently something my team is prioritizing, but would be interested learning more about your use case!

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Hi @AGirardin, from our side, an export would have helped to share the properties with colleagues to have additional checks on if they can be removed or need updating. Now I had to share screenshots.