Property History - Workflows Identified

It would be great if workflow names associated with changes/updates could be listed in the Source column of property history. See the included image.



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Completely agree! It takes hours to figure out which of our 150 workflows did the change to a specific contact. 

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Searching all my workflows for which one initiated an unintended change is really hard to do and very time consuming. Really surprised Hubspot is so vague with "Workflows". This would be one of those features that adds **bleep** for minimal effort without sacrificing any kind of usability.

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Community Manager

This would be a great idea. Currently you would have to take note of the timestamp for the property value change, then filter the Contact's Timeline by "Workflows" and search for the Timeline entry corresponding to thattimestamp.


It owuld save a few clicks if the name of the Workflow is displayed as the source as well.