Property Field Type - Percentage

It would be very beneficial to have a property field type that is a percentage for calculations. We are attempting to use a percentage as a "Confidence Factor" that the sales rep fills in based on how likely they feel they will win a sale. This would then be used to calculate a dollar amount for forecasting purposes.

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FYI, I did figure out one workaround:

1) Created number field property for the percentage to be entered into

2) Created calculation field property to convert percentage number into a decimal

3) Created calculation field property to multiply decimal field by deal amount


I was then able to create a report using the data out of the 3rd field to see a forecast. I also realize I could have the sales reps enter in a decimal instead of a percentage, but we felt that leaves a lot more room for potential error. This will work for me but still wish there was a percentage option to begin with!