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Property Change History Overview

Currently it's not possible to see who last changed a certain property. 


It would be great to have an overview of changes to properties - not on a contact/company/deal level but on an organisation level. I had a change that nobody would admit that they made and we had to contact HS support to figure out who made the change.

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We also need this. I need to see who is making changes to the property settings in HubSpot and when the changes are being made. There is currently a way to Export Property History, but this only shows the history of the property within the object, not the history of the property's setting.

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This would be amazing! I recently dealt with an issue where the options in a dropdown list were changed and we could not identify who made the change. 


Hubspot, when is this idea would tak place?

This log feature is a must!


+1, it's hard to manage when you don't know who changes what and when, can't identify who and noone admits 🙂


This would be handy. Especially when working with client accounts.