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Settings - properties - Hubspot score. You used to have a button at the top of the page where we could add new criteria. But now the button is after the last added criteria. In our case I have to scroll and search 83 criterias down to get to the bottom of the page. Love the function - but not so user-friendly.


And one more thing regarding the HubSpot score, please remove/extend the 100 limit 🙂

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Yes please. Here's what I was going to add to a new idea, but it seems to fit here.:)


Suggestions on impoving score properties:


The score properties have a cap of 100 filters, which is going to force us to create multiple scoring properties in a relatively short time. And, for some reason, the new scoring properties add the filters at the bottom, which is where you have to scroll to get to the +Add criteria link to add filters. So, after a few days of using a new scoring property, I'm already scrolling a while to bypass 28 filters to add any new filters. (Ugh.)


Maybe have the link to add criteria at the top and bottom, or add a button at the top to skip to the bottom. Honestly, I liked how the HubSpot Score default property added the new filters at the top. Granted I clone a few filters here and there, but it's usually quicker to just create a new one from scratch, since our criteria is usually simple. An OR option instead of only AND might help the clutter and make the 100 cap seem more palatable, but would have to take a closer look to see if there were enough scenarios where we could give either/or points.


Another observation is the wasted space for each filter. I use Chrome, and each filter takes up twice the space needed. There's a big chunk of dead whitespace in each filter border (attaching image), adding to the amount of scrolling. Can the height be adjusted, so if you have no ANDs there's no wasted space?


Screen Shot 2021-06-09 at 4.39.51 PM.png


We rarely do negative scoring, so there's also a lot of wasted space in the second column of the window too. It'd be nice if the space could be utilized better, and to have a way to sort the filters by type (page view, etc.), so, if we decide to change all page view to 3 points instead of 2, more of a list view would be easier to work with. It's pretty obvious when a score is negative, if positive and negative scores were to be intermixed. Not sure of the benefit of dividing them out, but maybe negative scores could be in red, so they would easier to identify at a glance. Plus, if there was a robust sort option, the filters could be sorted by score.:)


It might be useful to add a creation date for each added criteria too. With cloning adding the new score directly below the filter you're cloning, and with the possibility of sorting, it would be necessary to easily identify how long a score has been hanging out there.