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Pronouns for Users

When setting up automated lead nurture emails for our contacts, I like to to introduce our contacts to their contact owners. For my introduction I use contact owner tokens, which works great for names and contact info, but it would be awesome to have contact owner pronouns as part of that series of tokens. Not only could it make automated language a little more authentic but it would show respect to my team and their identities. Asana has already adopted this into their project management platform.

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Yes!  We would also very much like to see Pronouns included in the default set of Contact Properties.


I agree. I would like the ability for my pronouns and the pronouns of others to be easily visible in Hubspot & the Hubspot community. We create these fields for our clients, but I would also like the option to create these fields for colleagues as my team grows. I want to make sure that pronouns are being considered when calling Hubspot support, for example. 

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Being able to include a HubSpot user's pronouns as a personalization token when emailing contacts would be super helpful. 


For example, I want to create an automated email that says "I'm introducing you to {User Name}, your customer success manager. {User Pronoun} will lead your implementation."