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Projects Dashboard

It would be very helpful to have a dashboard and report section for projects, it should be more advanced to help us look for projects per assignment per task,
to see the due tasks in a summary

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Moreover, it also should be integrated with emails, as there will be communication going while working on the project

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Another idea would be to add budget requirements next to the tasks or sub-task in the Projects view. A great example is that we are using Projects to manage the launch of a new showroom. Assigning budget to each of the tasks, i.e., video creation, online ads etc, would be helpful. 

At the moment, items like this are included in the comments or discussion box. 


Hard to believe Hubspot has zero reporting functionality on 'projects'.  Struggling to understand how Projects aren't a menu tree item, and the fact there is no reporting functionality for 'projects'.  Please add ASAP.  Thanks for considering.


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It would be great as well if we could use a Kanban Board style layout for the projects dashboard. 


I agree, Projects could use some additional features. Even the simple addition of text formatting (e.g. bold text, colored text) would increase usability. 


I agree, some small updates would make the Project feature more useful.