Projects- Add ability to select "In progress" or similar as a task status




My team is considering migrating from Asana to HS's integrated Projects feature. Overall, it's excellent. However, there appear to be two limitations that may prevent our ability to migrate:


1. Ability to specify "in progress" as a task status. Currently, HS Projects only has "Completed" or "Not Completed." The majority of our projects are long term, involve multiple people providing input, etc. An ability to better track progress would be huge for us.

2. Add the ability to filter projects by owner or creator like you can for Tasks. In Asana, we're using individual "projects" for each marketing campaign. Since each of us is primarily responsible for specific campaigns, we don't really want to see other people's clutter except on occasion (for example if someone is OOO).


Any plans to implement the above in the near future? The rest of the feature set is awesome- adding these 2 things would make it truly usable going forwad.

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I'm going over my team's tasks, and some I know are in progress. It would be so helpful when I'm going through to be able to select in progress, or they could select it on the occassion that I'm not sure if they are working on something or not.


The "In Progress" option would be a great addition and would help us know that a task has been "picked up" by its assignee.




Both ideas sound great! Having different statuses for project completion would be very useful for tasks that take a longer time, beyond a simple to-do list.


Great idea. This would also cut down on the "You have an overdue task" email spam.