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Please consider adding the ability to print the task list for a project or export it to excel or CSV.

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Working with a multi-generational sales team the ability to export a task list so it can be printed is essential to support the needs of our staff.  Our team works most effectively with the tools they are most comfortable with.  While they all "live" in Hubspot, the ability to export and print a complete task list (not screen shots) would greatly increase the effectiveness of our sales team members who learn and operate best with written documents.


I wish this feature was available, too. Where I am we rely on satalite internet, which goes down whenever it rains. That means I'm stuck without access to my CRM until a storm passes. Being able to print my task list for the next day each night would help me be more productive at those times. 

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Hi, as with the missing export feature for tasks - it would be great if we could at least print the entire task list. This would make collaboration in a team meeting setting much easier. Thanks for considering thist. Best regards, Swiss Steve


Ditto to all of the above. One of the sales teams I'm working with is all mid-career professionals and the inability of HubSpot to generate a task list or a call list has them lobbying their management to go back to SalesForce.


Queues are a great idea but there are a lot of times that field reps aren't sitting at their desk and just want to have a hardcopy list to dial up their prospects from.


Would love to have this feature also


How about Printing the Project List?


It would be helpful to be able to export the projects/tasks to excel in order to create gantt charts for overall marketing department management. 


I'd like to see this availability as well.


At least it allows you to copy the text from the frontend.

It would be great to know
will include a gantt chart and scrum planning


Hey Hubspot - Get on This!


Being able to print projects or filtered task lists out would be a great benefit and super useful.


C'mon Hubspot - 15 upvotes and 2 years has to be enough to get you to move on this.


(In truth, the more I dig into Projects, it seems lacking on so many fundamental levels that I'm not even sure why its part of the platform? Either beef it up or scrap it! - Or at least advise everyone that you have zero intention of adding new features to it!)


I am appalled this has not been added yet.


Shocking that the platform is lackign extremely basic functionality like this


Here I am, I have all of my marketing projects for the next 2 months set up in HubSpot and I want to share with other users who are tasked, but I cannot find an export button. Surely this is not a heavy lift. Come on Hubspot, time to deliver on this.


Yes, it would be great to have two project export options.  The ability to:

1) export all your projects with related tasks (with ability to include or exclude open and/or completed tasks)

2) export all tasks related to a specific project  (with ability to include or exclude open and/or completed tasks)




Yes, it is time for the project feature of HubSpot Marketing to improved.  You do not want folks to use other tools to do their marketing project management.  The more you can keep the marketing folks in HubSpot the better for everyone.  Yes, let's add recurring tasks.  Yes, allow printing of task lists.  Yes, allow exporting of tasks so that we can do analysis on them.  I would love to share with management the 100s of tasks that I have completed over the past year.  Yes, allow for all the project tasks for a particular project to be assigned to a specific person without having to select their name for each task in the project.  I use the project feature of HubSpot every day and would love to see it improved.  It has been out long enough to get some improvements to it.  Thanks.


Much agreed. The task are very helpful. But, being able to print them off, and see them on paper in a list form, would greatly increase our meetings, communications, and productivity.  PRINT! 🙂


This suggestion was first made over 2 1/2 years ago, and here I am today still wanting such a feature.  Would love it if HubSpot would provide an update as to the progress, or likelihood, of this ever happening.

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@hubspot Any update on this?


@hubspot Update please.


Agree with all posts above.  HubSpot, this seems like a feature that would be an easy fix.  Could you please let us know when it can be done?  Thanks so much for your consideration :-).