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Can HubSpot develop something like Bitrix24 or Asana or Smartsheet that will do project management outside of Marketing/Sales/Internal project management? We manage client facing products and would like to use HubSpot to manage projects, along with our CRM vs having to use another tool. Is this on the roadmap? If so, when?


We'd benefit from features that allow projects to be 'templated' and reused by multiple users. Also, the ability to schedule dependencies, pull Gaant charts, etc. 

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This would be very helpful!

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@medwards we are looking for the exact same thing, thanks for bringing it up. 

Looking forward to updates!

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Hi Guys


We are looking for the same thing we currently use ASANA for project management and it is great but if this can be done in hubspot we could do away with ASANA and keep trying to work towards having everything in one system.


What we would like to see upgraded in Hubspot.

1. All tasks within a project to be linked to the tasks section under sales so that we are running one tasking system and staff dont need to remember to go into each to do all of their assigned tasks. It would be great if this can then extend to Tickets and linking tasks and tickets together and vice verse the ability to link a ticket to a project.

2. Ability to create a project timeline using a Gannt Chart feature which ASANA has for us currently

3. Ability to create milestones in a project

4. The ability to see a project in the view of a calendar to see what is scheduled to be worked on on what days and by which people as some steps have dependencies on one another if Step 1 isnt done and is assigned to person A person B cant do step 2 until they finish thus the due date needs to be pushed out for Person B if Person A is late.

5. The ability to track time.



For our personal requirements I have made a video below of what we would be looking for in a project management tool and how we currently do it.





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@medwards @mguyetsky 

You don't necessarily have to choose between Asana and Hubspot! Asana is a super powerful project management tool and Hubspot has its major strengths in workflows/marketing/sales tools, so I don't know if you'd ever be satisfied with having one tool as each of them have such different strengths. 

I work for Unito and we use both of these platforms for different things internally. However we recognized the need to connect our tasks, so we're actually working on a beta connector for Husbpot with other project management tools like Asana. If you're still interested, I would really recommend registering as a beta tester so you can try the integration and provide vital feedback. 

It's not impossible to work with two tools you love- and you certainly don't have to sacrifice funcionality!

Ghiona | Growth Marketing Manager @ Unito