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After using the products and quotes and enetually replacing it with our traditional way, I faced some limits which I think are pretty usefull to include in this module: 

  1. Defualt settings: There are certain settings that we have to apply everytime and I wish I could set them as default, such as Contact Owner. In some cases all the quotes need to be sent by a legal representative of a company and can't be sent under the name of a sales rep or inside sales figure.  The other is the language. We are in italy and it bothers me that everytime I have to change to the language of the quote to Italian. 
  2. Ability to format the change section titles: This regards mainly being able to change the title of the sections such as "Comments" to "Executive Summary". The other place I wish to be able to format is the product description by having a rich text editor where I can style the text, add images, links, videos etc. 
  3.  Calculations: This part is the most annoying in my point of view. When you set a monthly or quarterly reccuring product/service and you set the contract term to 1 year I wish to be able to get a total amout of the whole thing for 1 year instead of getting recurring and one time subtotals. And even sometimes I need to indicate the total amount and decide with the client on the payment terms such as X% upfront and the rest on various reccuring basis. 
  4. Drafting and sharable preview:  This happened to me several times that I created the quote and missed something, or made a typo, or even I needed to share it with the client before publishing the final version or above all share with my team or superiors to approve and check. But unfortunately it is not possible to draf the quotes and I can't share a preview. 
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I have to do two quotes because they pay an initial fee up front and a monthly fee. The fees are not related and paid seperatly, so it's weird that it adds the future recurring monthly fee to the current initial fee. It gives me a figure which is meaningless. I would love for it to total the fixed fees and then give a seperate total for the recurring fees without adding the two together.

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Totally agree with items 3 and 4. 

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Agree with #3 and 4: need to show the Total Value of the Recurring Amount, and the total One Time Costs.   This seems very basic capabilities for any recurring revenue business.

HubSpot - when can we expect to see these in your quoting module?

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Completely agree w/ #3!!!!! The "total" when using Recurring products is INNACCURATE.