Products & Quotes functionality for Manufacturing Companies

I work for a manufacturer and like every new feature launched at HubSpot there is a bit of rethinking needed to make it work for a manufacturing/ distribution model. Please let the forum know if you want any of the features or others with your comments and by upvoting!


  1. Make custom properties available in products
    • Helpful to cover some of the manufacturing specific fields
    • Useful for saving information the Sales team should see but not their customers like a nick name for the product or internal inventory management system part numbers.  
  2. Add an option to turn off the service centric fields like term.
    • A simple toggle between products and services. 
    • Even service providers have 1 time onboarding/setup fees.
  3. Allow products to be viewed by specified teams or even better by each HubSpot user
    • We offer 2 product lines with product focused sales teams.   Listing all products clutters their workspace.  This functionality was added to contacts and has helped immensely. 
    • Our sales team also quotes different prices based on the type of contact/customer.  Allowing products (even under slightly different names) to be saved with applicable prices per HubSpot User/ sales person would be helpful
  4. Setting a maximum percentage or dollar value discount per product. 
    • The only workaround that has been suggested is the approvals feature but that requires human interaction (aka lag time) and HubSpot is all about atomization.  
  5. Offer organization
    • like sub folders for sets of products.  This feature is available in files and lists
    • Example: a way to group products or services into smaller catalogs to keep things organized.  
  6. In Quotes, allow the user to specify what fields display on the pricing table.
    • Needed if users start adding custom fields  
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Total margin is visible per deal. It would be great if margin was visible in a report or dashboard for the total pipeline 



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Just to clarify currently Total Pipeline margin is not visible in Hubspot.

I'm sure lots of Sales Managers and Teams would like to see the total margin in the pipeline adjusted by probability and filterable by close date, Sales Rep, etc