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Our Team would LOVE to utilize Products & Quotes within HubSpot but it has some features missing that we need. Based on other Ideas submitted around the same topic, I am guessing we aren't the only ones.


I would group my Ideas as follows:

  1. Tiered pricing based on quantity
    1. We give discounts based on specific quantity amounts, it would be nice to have a price discount based on a specific quantity threshold for this very reason.
  2. Search by Description Text as well and add it to Products section on Deal Record
    1. The Description Text does not appear on the Deal Record, only the title, it would be nice to have it show there as well and when we search through products, can the Description Text be factored into the search? This will help narrow down our options better.
  3. Hide total/subtotal capability (per unit price)
    1. We don't always need the subtotal/total - I know it might not make sense, but a simple hide option would be great. We give our quotes on tiered pricing and the Customer decides how many pieces they want at a later time.
  4. Input Text Fields (quote something that does not exist in Product Catalog)
    1. Instead of always having to list a product price, can we have an input text field for the Misc. items that we may need to add.
  5. Change "Products & Services" title
    1. I would love to change the main title that keeps showing up. We don't sell services, so it can be misleading seeing that there.


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Probably you like those, too:

Add Top Level Product Line

Partner Discounts

Selecting Products via expandable table view


the last one here is critical to us having a rich set of solutions, various contract/license options and 20 volume/quantity staggers .

Upvote if it‘s a good match with yours.

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Hello this is a critical aspect of our business model. I would appreciate it if this is brought up on the priority list