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Product synching with Salesforce

It would be great if products information for an opportunity was included in the Salesforce integration. At the moment, opportunities/deals are passed from SF into hubspot without the products attached.  

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 I like this idea, although until any functionality like this is created, you may have some luck using roll-up summary fields of opportunity products on the opportunity itself. That calculated field can be added to the deal mappings, so at least you get some data appearing there. 


You're at the mercy of the SUM/COUNT/MAX/MIN limitations of those fields. So while you can't get the specific products added to the deal, you could get things like product counts to HubSpot, and the like. This is not the same as your ask; it'd be more of a does/does not exist sort of thing, but it is an option available now. 


YES! Necessary for reporting!


Yes, fully support this idea!


We would like to start using the Hubspot quote function to send quotes to clients. The limitation is that we have to enter the products twice (once in salesforce and then again in HubSpot) in order to do so. Which, has resulted in the sole use of Salesforce for most of our process. Just a simple product sync would allow us to do most of our work straight from HubSpot. 


Like the quote tool way better in HubSpot, but doesn't make sense for us to duplicate work just to use one feature. 



I agree with all comments especially the most recent from thomasomeara. 


We are currently using SF for processing projects which is functionality that Hubspot currently does not have. However we are looking to move the majority of staff over to HubSpot that is not project focused. This has been really hard to do as the products (HS) and Services (SF) do not sync or I am unable to map. 


If this functionality was present I would get instant buy in from my colleagues and would help with the transition away from SaleForce. Moving forward we will have to double the Admin and data in both systems which is not ideal.




Just registering my comment from here in this thread too.

Products aren't synced either way between HubSpot and Salesforce.


This is a problem for two reasons:

  1. Working with both systems is not seamless in the way it should be.
  2. It's a barrier to a smooth transition from working with Salesforce and Hubspot to Hubspot only (our goal).




Yes, please.  This is a primary sticking point for completing reporting on opportunities for us and is preventing wider adoption from key audiences.

Please please get this integration up and running!


I totally agree with all answers above - this will be an absolute neccessity for us in order to be able to segment properly directly in HS. Right now we are under the threat of having to abandon HS for SF marketing cloud, and this is unfortunarely one disability that could tip the scale...

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Upvote - I am in need of this to support customers who are using the integration of SF and HS


Agree with all of the above. I have teams using HubSpot exclusively as well as teams using SalesForce exclusively. I cannot ask the teams to use both systems and duplicate data entry when it comes to products.


Please make this part of the next udpate, it's such a basic feature and the workaround to bandaid it is just silly. 


Absolutely necessary to migrate away from SalesForce and probably a deal killer if it's not possible. We would have no historical record of what customer's purchased when we were running salesforce only.


Please, implement ASAP


Does anyone have a workaround for this until this is enabled?

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Hi there, 


Thank you for this idea. This is something we have been thinking about adding to the integration but we aren't actively working on it. 

We will update this post if we have any updates on this idea. 





Product synchronisation is the key missing feature to free us from Salesforce.

For everything else (Contacts, Accounts/Companies, Deals/Opportunities) our team can use Hubspot. But we cannot use it for quotes as products are not synchronized.


I completely agree... This is the one crucial peice of the puzzle that hinders us from creating a comprehensive sales snapshot. It also does not allow us to map a product to leads and accounts, which is why we always still defer to Salesforce. And, I echo with the comment above, it would also free us from Salesforce. 


Please please implement this as soon as possible!



One of the reasons we went with HubSpot was because of it's integration with Salesforce. Now we're learning that it doesn't sync product information or quotes from opportunities, which is a major element that is missing.


This is a major issue if we cannot sync our product information or quotes from opportunities!  How else are you to use ABM or marketing data from your clients in your SF CRM?  I was told by Hubspot that  they were completely integrated with SalesForce - Now that we signed contracts we are finding out this is not the case?  Someone needs to give priority to this issue.  Are we forced to go with Pardot?  This will be an issue on renewal.  Sr. Marketing Manager.


If this was enabled, we would switch to the Hubspot Quote tool. However, to use it now we'd have to manage product line items and changes in both systems, which isn't a good solution for us.