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Hi HubSpot,
I'm missing in HubSpot one feature and I believe I'm not alone. From my point of view HubSpot losing a lot of potential in eCommerce.


A would like to talk about product recommendations or product personalization. This feature is commonly based on ML or AI and another automation tool like Marketo, Exponea, Mautic have this feature.


Product personalization commonly works on visitors behavioral and show them the product what they more likely to buy. You need only product feed, web tracking and something like embed code put to your website or email or blog or wherever customer could see products.


I believe that personalization has its place in Inbound methodology. So why not?


I know it's a big development so maybe find some partner and integrate this feature or the whole solution.


What I know this feature will open HubSpot the door to the eCommerce space.


What do you think?

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Product recommendations are essential for us.


HubSpot's competition are far ahead in this regard.


Klaviyo and DotDigital also have this feature:

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This is a must-have tool for eCommerce. Klaviyo, Bronto, other EMP have this and yet Hubspot does not.


HubSpot needs to up their game significantly on the MARKETING side of things. Not all your customers are 1:1 sales people. You want to play in the eComm arena you need to add this feature- ASAP.


It's a product loop with a bit of AI - surely an even rudimentary tool would be beneficial to start with.


C'mon - Let's get this in play!!

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Completely agree with the statements above on HubSpot having significany opportunity to make improvements for ecommerce.  As was said above, not all customers are 1:1 sales people.  There are thousands and thousands and communication relies on the types of automated personalization above. 


So glad to find this thread!  We are setting up our first clients now, all ecommerce, and the little things that don't mesh well are adding up. Will be on the lookout for other upvote opportunities related to ecommerce and will submit where we see opportunity.


Agree with all above - let's get this going! 🙂