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Hi guys


We sell products on recurring basis. But price varies from deal to deal. 


Company a could pay 10000 USD

Company b could pay 1000 USD on a monthly basis. 


Currently the recurring pricing options doesn't allow for flexible pricing on a deal level. 


Perhaps the pricing should not be set on the product, but on deal level? 


If it is not, we have to create separate products for every single deal - creating thousands of of "products" in the platform. That would solve the problem of creating correct deal values and allow me to forecast across deals


But it would also create a new problem - not being able to forecast on a product level. So workaround is far from optimal. 


Are you planning to look in to this need anytime soon? 

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December 01, 2017 10:17 AM

Hi all! Please see @virginiam's comment. The ability to change the recurring price point on a product when added to a deal, just for that deal, already exists. Please let us know if you think we could make this more discoverable in some way!

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I 100% agree. I emailed the Hubspot team requesting that exact feature. A lot of products are priced based on client and scope of work. Since we're in the consulting and product development phase, a lot of projects (For example: iOS App) have the same base product but different scopes of work.


It would be amazing to be able to set the products on an account level but then set flexible pricing that is set on a deal level. This way we can keep track of all our products and gain insight about the best performing ones.


But you can already edit the prices of each product when you add them to the deal. Between the product price and the "quantity" field, you have the pen-shaped button where you can edit the price of the product for the specific deal. If you click it you get a small pop-up where you edit the price. Then this price is only assigned to the specific deal, and does not change the price in all other deals where the same product is present.


Agree that "reoccurring" should be able to be set in the Deal.  What if you sell hardware. Say a "widget".  The customer is going to buy 10 per month.  That should be set in the Deal, not in the product itself.  Making the product itself reoccurring only works for things like software subscriptions, as far as I can see. 

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Hi all! Please see @virginiam's comment. The ability to change the recurring price point on a product when added to a deal, just for that deal, already exists. Please let us know if you think we could make this more discoverable in some way!


My issue is very similar but relates to editing the Cost of the Product on the deal.  Just as the Sales Price may change with a change in Scope the Cost also needs to be able to be edited on the deal.


Hello Hubspot & Community,


This is more for Hubspot product team visibility but would also like to get other users' feedback and suggestions to help build a more robust sales and CRM platform.  The updates to the product widget in Deals that include terms and pricing are a good start and hats off to Hubspot for thinking about adding such a functionality, however, this tool could be built out to be a very powerful and useful tool for Hubspot users (and for the company).   Here is are some suggestions on added functionality and why it would be powerful and important.



Our company is a paid user of Hubspot CRM and utilizes both the Marketing and Sales platforms.  We are obsessed with data analytics and are working diligently to integrate Hubspot with every functionality that we can within our business so that Hubspot can be our HUB for that data analytics.  Currently we use Quickb00ks Enterprise Desktop (not the QB Online which is limited) on a hosted Network as our ERP system and all of our estimates/sales orders/invoicing goe sthrough that.  Quickb00ks is of course entrenched in the business world and provides the best functionality accounting wise that we could come up with - altough if there was a better platform out there we would use it.  Because of this, my sales team is in both platforms (Hubspot and QB desktop version) and it creates a disconnect. 


So far Hubspot has focused on integration tools to help this and private third-party integrations often add to the bill every month to make all the business systems work together (ugh).  



Hubspot should build out the pricing tool to (at a minimum) have the functionality to create real estimates, automate a PDF, and give option to email that PDF Estimate to clients on the Deal page (through a template). 



To be able to do this the product/pricing too needs to have some key functionality features.

1.  Ability to develop customized payment terms, much the way we can create our own properties.  This would make it so that we could customize payment terms and track them and allow our customers visibility of our payment terms on the auto-generated PDF Estimate.

2.  Ability to create pricing tiers, quantity discounts, etc.  We manufacture and sell product and right now the tool is mainly setup for subscription based pricing and terms. For product sales this functionality would be critical to creating estimates since typically every company has different price rules that they implement.

3.  Ability to create product categories and subcategories.  This would allow for a product category to be created, and then drilled down into for more specific offerings.  Think about the product being a Cotton Tee Shirt - you could have that model be the product category and then you could select the color the customer is looking for (whihc may have a slightly different price).

4.  A sales conversion button.  Once customers converts this could automatically move deal to "Closed - Won" deal stage and prompt for updated information if anything on estimate has changed.  Or vice-versa if the sale does not convert and moves to "Closed - Lost"


Why It's Important:

1.  Very few business owners want their sales team in Quickb00ks - this would give them all the functionality they need right in Hubspot to work deals and send customers estimates.

2.  It would help tie product and pricing information to deals.  Right now all we have is the deal amount (which is mostly hand-jammed into Hubspot) to tie ROI metrics to.  The end deal amount is great - but having more granularity of details on ROI and what products cusomters are buying and how much would be incredibly powerful as a decision making tool.  It could add so much more important information to the analytics.

3. Big data is valuable.  This information would give Hubspot an incredible amount of data and therefore an incredible amount of added value as a company.

4. It could be something Hubspot could charge more for (increased revenue! Growth!) and at the same time could help siphon customers away from their dependence on quickbooks and other ERP platforms if they decide to into ERP functionality as well in the future.  This would be the best frst step to doing that and putting pressure on Intuit and other platforms.  


That's all I got folks, would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions if I've missed something (which I'm certain I have).


Andrew @



AGREE! The product pricing needs to have the capability of inputing price in the product per deal. I'm trying to move over from SalesForce, where I can do this, and if this can't be done the financials that I wan't to sync in will never work. I hope this happens soon! It is a HUGE road block!


Well well well - Hubspot listened! The quote module came out today and seems to work rather well.  Is anybody at Hubspot going to give me some credit on this one!???


While quotes do help, there is still a significant feature gap when compared to a proper CPQ tool - approval workflows,  controls on editing, and data validation to name a few.

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Agreed @JustinEverett. As soon as a medium-sized prospective clients needs to be able to filter their Products by image or common attributes, I have to start thinking about CPQ, and currently (unless I'm out of date) there's no real CPQ integration for HubSpot - so there's no compelling reason to stay with HubSpot unless you're heavily entrenched in Marketing Automation.


I've severl years' experience teaching product modeling with CPQ solutions (Vlocity, CloudSense, Big Machines, Salesforce CPQ) and these solutions are still a bit overkill for medium-sized companies. One reason my clients prefer HubSpot is its usablity, so if we could incorporate CPQ capabilities into Sales Pro, that would be a real value-add. It needs to be a proper easy-to-manage Product Catalogue with pricing rules, approval workflows and flexibility for sales teams to search by attributes. Dealhub have quite a good solution, but would prefer a native HubSpot solution rather than an integration with a 3rd party.


Happy to provide further input to anyone who'd like to know more at HubSpot! 😁